How to increase awareness of restaurants
and hotels and drive bookings by over 20%!

Are you trying to create your own social media content and strategy
but finding you aren’t getting the engagement or bookings you’d hoped for?

Are you looking for a marketing partner to help you increase bookings and reservations for restaurants and hotels, so that you can focus on your own core genius? Let us take care of your content creation and social media strategy.

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We increased bums on seats by over 20% for a local restaurant!

 By targeting local Sydney customers with our premium content, a restaurant was able to increase reservations by 20% by engaging our services. Through the use of Facebook advertising social proof tactics and a Facebook Messenger bot, we were able to drive substantial foot traffic

We drove hundreds of people into a restaurant during lunchtime.
There were lines out the door!
We created a special deal that was only promoted via social media. People had to mention a special word to receive the deal and it went viral. The campaign was such a success that it was repeated in other national stores across Australia.

We made our global resort client nearly 1 million worth of sales in one year and improved their return on ad spend by over 60%!

When we started with this client, their return on ad spend was 18.45. Within a year, we managed to increase return on ad spend by over 60% to 50.18!

We selected key influencers through our network who were used for the creation of hotel content and social media strategy, increasing reach by 200%

We chose highly influential production partners (photographers, videographers, models, luxury fashion brands) who would resonate with defined sectors of the hotels target audience. The partners then shared the content through their own channels with excellent results



We'll assess the right solution for your business, utilising over 15 years of dedicated experience

Implementation and Rapid Fire Testing

  • Extensive keyword research into the best content
  • Build audience personas, content pillars and plans
  • Create social media advertising strategy to ensure your content is seen by your target audience
  • Use strong call to actions to drive bookings and sales
  • Use of an innovative system to ascertain the best performing audiences, creatives and offers that save you time and money!

Optimisation and Loyalty

  • We have our finger on the pulse
  • Know current trends to create content that engages
  • Continually optimise based on performance
  • Provide comprehensive reporting
  • Suggest ways to improve customer loyalty using Facebook Messenger Bots and other nurturing strategies
Wasamedia - A clear creative agency with an appetite for hospitality and lifestyle
With over 15 years of experience in the Australian and international market, Wasamedia is a fast-growing agency with a diverse and passionate team based in Sydney’s trendy suburb of Darlinghurst.

With our unique team of media experts plus in house designers, a digital marketing and advertising strategist and content creators, Wasamedia can deliver everything a brand needs to get the word out as well as capture leads to deliver return on investment. Our team has a keen eye and ear for today’s ever-changing media landscape.

As a boutique agency, Wasamedia treats every clients needs and goals individually, as we know that no two businesses are the same. Our team works closely with clients throughout the project with personalised care and passion to ensure the best possible outcomes


"Wasamedia are a fantastic agency to work with. I would highly recommend their skills as a forward thinking social media digital agency. Wasamedia created a Facebook Messenger BOT with a competition comment growth tool. This was the first time we had ever implemented anything like this and the results were very strong. We achieved a total reach of over 34,000 and within one week we developed a database of almost 500 local customers that we can now market to in the future. They also increased our social media following by over 20% in 8 weeks and almost doubled our engagement with their content and digital strategy!"
Bella Brant
Tramsheds - Mirvac
"Wasamedia was our social and digital agency managing four high-profile Maldivian resort properties. As part of their activity, Wasamedia planned and managed a content creation trip to the Maldives with their team of videographers, photographers and influencer models. The Wasamedia team are well connected and have an excellent eye for high-performing content. The content produced by them was then used as part of their social media strategy for the properties. During the period of the campaign, we saw significant uplift in followers, engagement and substantial sales directly from their digital activity. I would happily recommend their content creation, social media and digital services!"
Lisa Jakobsson
Minor Hotel Group
"I worked with Wasamedia on a successful launch for my cafe Three Williams. We were a new brand in a crowded market and Wasamedia made it easy for us to get huge exposure. Their media, blogger and influencer connections, as well as social media skills, helped to create hype around our new venue and drove significant foot traffic to the cafe, which would not have been possible without them. I would happily recommend David, George and the Wasamedia team to anyone wanting to give their hospitality business a great boost."
Toby Laccarino
Three Williams
"PappaRich has worked with Wasamedia for over 5 years and during this time they have launched many creative activations, as well as successful social and digital strategies. Some of the highlights include their creation of a social and digital Nasi Lemak campaign, which saw a huge increase in sales over our participating stores. We had lines of people out the door and we are now rolling this campaign out across the country! Another key campaign was Wasamedia's collaboration with Belle’s Hot Chicken, which saw us sell thousands of these collaboration sandwiches in two of our stores within a 3 month period, as well as having an increase in foot traffic and sales to these stores.  I’d recommend this tight knit, energetic and passionate team to anyone who is looking for grow their business while working with a lovely team of highly creative individual."
Jeannette Jeuk


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