Left of Field

Brand collaboration takes the Left of Field brand to the next level

Sydney - NSW

To help the Left of Field brand appeal to Sydney’s wider market, Wasamedia created two collab opportunities for Left of Field.

The first collab event was with Sydney’s popular burger brand UME Burger. The second collab event took place with N2 Gelato. Through our carefully thought out PR strategy and social media plan, both collab events were a huge success. The UME x Left of Field one-night-only event saw lines out the door and unprecedented sales.

Key outcomes

  • Over $100,000 in PR value for both collab events
  • Significant increase in engagement on both Facebook an Instagram
  • Huge sales and revenue generated from our collaboration events
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“Our collab events organised with Wasa were awesome. The first of their kind in our area and the feedback from guests and staff were amazing.”

Matty Abi-Arrage

Co-owner of Left of Field

People involved

Regina Lee
Regina Lee

Account Manager

David Wasserman
David Wasserman


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