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“Wasamedia invested time and attention to really understand who we were and what we wanted and went the extra mile to get the results the we needed. Wasamedia have been instrumental in growing awareness for Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas in the Australia market and we truly appreciate everything they have done for during our 8 year- long partnership."

Marion Walsh Hedouin
Anantara Hotels

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A sales focused PR process

Wasamedia has worked alongside both national and international travel / lifestyle brands to create positive stories which directly result in guest bookings. We work with our clients to create interesting, media-worthy stories that generate guest bookings. Through our comprehensive knowledge of the industry and its key players, we know what the media want to hear about, and we adopt campaigns to reflect this.

1. Discover

This is a pivotal stage where our expert team takes the time to truly understand your brand, its guest experience, its key demographics, its goals and challenges, and what success looks like specific to YOU. Our team is passionate about the travel and tourism industry, with David bringing with him extensive experience with large brands such as Hilton, Anantara, Avani, Elewana and more.

Goal setting
2. Goal setting

After establishing the property’s USPs we create goals with clear objectives to achieve.

Planning and story development
3. Planning and story development

With a deep understanding of your brand and knowledge of what our media contacts are looking for, we are set up to plan our tailored media campaign. This includes the development of unique story and news angles and creative ideas (particularly relevant if your hotel or resort is no longer new). Our planning stage also includes a timeline of activity so you get an understanding of what to expect.

Set up
4. Set up

Here we develop custom media lists, clever copy (including press releases and 100-worders) to support the different facets of your hotel brand and our media angles, as well as create a library of professional imagery. Top quality imagery is essential to support our campaign as publications often find it difficult to spare their photographers for a media trip.

Distribution and follow up
5. Distribution and follow up

Simply sending out press releases is only a small part of a good PR strategy. Often with travel and tourism the best way to get media attention is to let the media personally enjoy your property or experience. We invite them with a specific story in mind, create a detailed itinerary and liaise with you to ensure that their experience is positive and worth sharing.

Reporting and assessment
6. Reporting and assessment

We are always looking to improve, assessing the effectiveness of our campaign and how well it meets your objectives. Our transparent style of communication along with regular reporting and updates means you will always understand what is going on!

We have fun along the way.

As a team of avid travellers and writers, we are enthusiastic about working within the travel industry and love promoting all aspects of tourism, from hotels, resorts, destinations and experiences!

George Redmond
George Redmond


Tori McPherson
Tori McPherson

Senior Account Manager

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Launching Maldives’ 1st & only over-water observatory to an Australian audience


Wasamedia utilised a strategic PR campaign to launch this unique concept to the Australian market. The six-month campaign included the organisation of a bespoke travel media event from planning to execution. Post event, Wasamedia organised and hosted media famils to the Maldivian property, as well as, all media liaison and distribution of press materials to our extensive database of travel and luxury contacts.


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Large scale PR: International hotel brand launch in Australia


Wasamedia was tasked with launching the global Anantara Hotel brand - a five star, luxury hotel group with 35 properties worldwide, within the Australian market. Over an eight-year period, Wasamedia launched the hotel’s portfolio to high profile Australian media, establishing the brand as a recognised name for Australian’s. Strategic PR activity included the monthly communication of all global press material to our media contacts, organising and hosting media famils, liaison for media requests and managing launch events.


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  • PR & Media – Travel

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How does PR translate into guest bookings?

People are always looking to book somewhere exciting, trendy or quirky – we work with you to develop that story and share it with the media. Even if a hotel, resort or destination is not ‘new’ news; we can find a way to bring it back to the attention of potential guests. There will always be openings that people want to experience, so it’s vital that your brand competes by staying front of mind.

How does a media famil work? Is coverage guaranteed?

When liaising with the media we discuss their expectations of the trip and what we expect in return. We only invite media who we trust and who resonate with the right audience – i.e. if you’re running a 5-star hotel in Paris, we would strategically approach publications that with your desirable customer base such as Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar. It’s about strategic media outreach and clear communication.

What is Wasamedia’s involvement in media visits and content creation trips?

We facilitate every step along the way. We create the itineraries (with your guidance), organise the flights and liaise with photographers and content creators to make shot lists and create the most positive story possible. We are happy to host group famils, walk-throughs and hosted media dinners to ensure that you feel comfortable throughout the familiarisation process.